Is there a recovery time? Does the baby suffer from any post-surgery discomfort?

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There is a recovery time, fortunately, baby's feet are held in place in a three week casting during the most sensitive part of recovery. You have to remember that tendons can take a significant amount of time to heal. My baby is still recovering and I am having a hard time with it. Now that her three week cast is off (its been off for a week) and she has her denis browne bar now, I feel its gotten a little harder to deal with. It sounds silly but enjoy the casts, its the easy part. The only great thing about having the bar now is that we can give her a rest. Each and every time that bar and shoes are removed and put back on there is stretching that has to be done, this causes a pretty hefty amount of discomfort as the tendon is still healing. My daughter screams at the top of her lungs when we do the right foot, it seems to hurt worse.

After the tenotomy is done tylenol will become you and your baby's best friend. I had to give my daughter regular doses of .8ml.

So yes there is a recovery time but every baby is different and yes there is plenty of discomfort to be had no matter what any doctor tells you.

created Jun 19 '07
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