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created Apr 12 '07
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I have Darier's Disease.

created Apr 14 '07

i have fibro and darier's disease

created Apr 24 '07

I have had dariers disease for 30 years and am in and out of the hospital would like all the help I can get

created May 01 '07

I have been living with DD for more than 26 years and also have a 13 year old daughter whom is living with the condition.

created Jun 07 '07


I have Darier's disease and would be intersted in a survey being done on how many sufferers have mental problems, depression, manic depressive episodes, and bipolar disorder.



created Jun 13 '07

I developed symptoms of dariers lateer...30 years old. Now I am trying to find ways to cope with the changing condition.

created Jun 13 '07

I have suffered from DD since I was about 13 years old. I am interested in meeting and communicating with other people who suffer from this disease and learning about ways they cope with the effects.

created Jun 14 '07

Hello, I'm so glad I finally found a place where people understand how it is to live with DD. Sometimes other then my daughter and my dad I felt like we were the only ones with this. I know we will all try to help each other and share all the things we have tryed.

created Jun 16 '07

I've had DD since I was 12, it hasn't been a real problem for me tell now. I got sunburnt really bad a couple weeks ago and now it is all over my body. I'm just hoping someone has some kind of over the counter cream that might help it.

created Jun 19 '07

My friend has Darier's. She's been seeing the same doctor for years with no real results. On her last visit, she was told he'd done all he could and suggested she go to one of the bigger hospitals for further evaluation. Since he said there were no new treatments that he knew, she feels that she would just be a "test dummy" for the hospitals. Do you know of any new already approved drugs? Acutane was used but is no longer being prescribed due to the negative findings.

created Jun 21 '07
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