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Treatment in Emergency Situations

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Hello all -

Twice in the last three months I have ended up in the Emergency Department suffering from dehydration due to stomach viruses. (That adds to my total of about 10 times in my life.) I have struggled to get the nursing staff to understand that I need special treatment due to the DI complicating my ability to rehydrate. Does anyone have advice on how to deal with this? I'm thinking about carrying medical treatment orders from my endocrinologist detailing how often they should check my electrolytes and the fact that I usually need two liters of fluid to properly hydrate me. My situation is further complicated because my extreme dehydration brings on additional nausea. Kind of like a sick bonus!

I am very articulate and positive with the medical staff and I try to educate them as much as possible as we go, but I still get frustrated when they say, "Well, the good news is your sugar is normal!"

Any advice on how you handle these types of situations?

created May 12 '09

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