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I have a 2 year old little boy who has NDI. He has been recently assessed at our local Children's development Centre in Hereford (England) and we have been told that he is a year behind and that he will have a permanent learning disability. On the other hand, his nephrologist at Birmingham Children's Hospital has told us that patients with NDI usually catch up between 5 and 8 years old.
We are very concerned and would like to know whether other parents/ carers have found that children affected by NDI are usually behind??

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Hi Carline.=A0 I am a thirty two year old woman who developed central diabe=
tes insipidus at the age of five after an operation to remove a benign brai=
n tumor.=A0 I never had developmental delay except I had to take hormones t=
o catch up with puberty due to also having hypopituitarism.=A0 As long as y=
ou continue to work with your child's education (reading to him getting him=
to know his colors numbers and alphabet) he shouldn't have any trouble cat=
ching up as a result of DI.=A0 Take care.

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