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Anterior Innominate Rotation

A somatic dysfunction in which the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) is anterior and inferior to the contralateral landmark. The innominate (os coxae) moves more freely in an anterior and inferior direction, and is restricted from movement in a posterior and superior direction.


Dysfunction of the SIJ occurs when iliosacral movement or sacroilial movement are obstructed. For example, forces about the pelvis will cause the innominate bones to rotate anterior around the femoral heads. When the abdominal muscles fail to support the pelvis and trunk, secondary to inactivity or weakness, tension is released in the sacrotuberous and interosseous ligaments. The lack of stabilization causes the anterior rotated innominate bones to become fixed in an anterior direction


Lower back pain, side pain, Pelvic pain


Physical Evaluation: Following the patient history a physical examination must be performed consisting of active lumbar movements, palpation, motion tests, positional tests, and pain provocation tests


Manual medicine has been used for hundreds of years for the treatment of LBP. A few commonly used manual techniques include muscle energy, spinal manipulation, spinal mobilization and massage. Muscle energy requires active participation from both the patient and the physical therapist. The patient voluntarily contracts specific muscles in a controlled direction and intensity opposing the force produced by the physical therapist

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